"World Series Begins, Set Your DVRs for Midnight" b/w "Bad News for Bosox" by Colin G.

As a serious baseball fan I would love to watch the World Series, but as a resident of the Eastern time zone, it just goes too late for my working-man's blood. A couple of years ago baseball made a token show of starting one series game a little earlier just to appease us responsible types. Those days are long gone, as this season every single game starts after 8 p.m. Even the Saturday game, which could have easily been at 7 pm, is scheduled late. Just to guarantee my absence, MLB scheduled the Sunday game at 8:25 pm, the latest of the entire bunch.

I get the message, guys. You don't want me watching. Still, complaining about late start times on the East Coast is about as relevant as complaining about microwave ovens. I don't blame greedy TV executives or commissioner Bud Selig, I blame time itself.

Fish don't ever even watch TV. Why don't we just readjust the time zones so all of America starts one hour earlier? The Atlantic Ocean won't mind. Now the games in the Eastern Time Zone would start at 7 pm instead of 8 pm, 6 pm in the Central and so on. Those hippies out West wouldn't even notice if we changed their time zone. It's just a thought. We would all have to re-set our alarm clocks but other than that it wouldn't be too hard.


My Gut Tells Me The Bosox Are In For An Ass-Kicking. 

Baseball is unpredictable and I'm just some dude who works at a coffee shop, but if I had to gamble on this series I would take the Cards in six games. Actually, if i had any balls I would make it five. The Sox pitchers made quick work of two mediocre lineups in the Rays and Tigers. No such luck with the Cards, who can hurt you at every spot in the order. And with Allen Craig back they can put Matt Adams in the DH spot or vice versa. The Sox better get at least one win at home versus Wainwright or Wacha or this could be over quick. John Lackey game two starter. Hmm...

On the upside for Boston, I have been on a hot streak lately prediction-wise and am surely due to eat some crow soon.  


Colin Gawel wrote this very quickly at Colin's Coffee so yes, some of the grammar is shaky.