Footage of Colin Playing a Willie Phoenix Song at Apollo's in 1990!

Biggie recently posted this on the Watershed Facebook page and I thought it was worthy of a permanent home here at Pencilstorm. How on earth somebody taped this or how it was found I have no idea. My hair should have been a dead giveaway I used a fake I.D. to get the gig. - Colin


One common thread in the Columbus music community has always been its generosity. Watershed has benefited early and often from the kindness of our home-town musical brothers & sisters; from Happy Chichester giving Herb his first drum lesson to Sue & Marcy from Scrawl lending their vocal talents to recording sessions. 

One of the first and most generous bounties bestowed to Watershed came from Willie Phoenix. Willie’s mentoring of the band is covered in great detail by Joe’s book Hitless Wonder. Sadly, Watershed has not shared the stage with Willie very much in the recent past (Willie once warned us to avoid being on bills with superior talent) but this Friday, November 1st, Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones are going into the ring and taking their lumps from the mighty Willie Phoenix (Blues Hippy & The Soul Underground). It is an early show, starting at 6:30 sharp at the Rumba Café.

In preparation for this monumental event please enjoy an erstwhile Colin Gawel covering one of his favorite Willie songs back in 1990.