The Blue Jackets Are Back, Are You?

As the Blue Jackets took the ice for the final time last season, the atmosphere inside Nationwide was fully loaded and ready to fire, just like the cannon that sits perched above the lower bowl at Nationwide Arena. While the team put the finishing touches on a near-miraculous 19-5-5 run to a playoff spot, the fans aimed years of frustration and disappointment toward the rafters and fired away. Sadly, they just missed the target as the Jackets lost out on making the playoffs by virtue of a dreaded tie-breaker rule.

According to team President John Davidson, Jackets fans lifted the the team onto their collective shoulders and carried them to victory that night. The Blue Jackets would like you to remember that.

This video, chock full of footage from that epic final game against Nashville at Nationwide on April 27th, was played for the home crowd prior to preseason games over the past couple of weeks. And it works. If watching this video doesn't rekindle flames of passion deep inside your CBJ soul and make you yearn to hear the cannon go boom, check to make sure the volume is on and your speakers are turned up. 

The battle resumes tonight at Nationwide as the Blue Jackets embark on the 2013-14 campaign. For those about to rock .... !