Pencilstorm Holiday Party @ Woodland's Monday Dec 23rd w/ Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones 7-9pm

Right now you are thinking "Monday night? I can't go out Monday night." Wrong, come Monday around 4 p.m. you will suddenly realize, "I'm not working in any serious manner tomorrow and then it's two straight days with the family. I believe I'm hankerin' for a taste"

Pencilstorm, once again has you covered. Join us for our 17th annual Holiday party at the Woodland's Tavern, Monday December 23rd from 6 - 9 pm. Four String Brew is only $2 a pint and Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones will be playing a set starting around 7 p.m. A $5 donation to the band is appreciated, but not mandatory. 

And if for some reason your best laid plans run into trouble, this line will set you free: "I've got to run out for a bit and do some last minute shopping." There you go. You are welcome. See you at Woodland's Monday December 23rd. - Pencilstorm staff.


Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones "Still Love Christmas". Hear it Monday and drink a Four String Brew why don't you?