Joel Oliphint story about Musicol Recording Studio on Pitchfork

Remember back when "The Other Paper" was still around? I sure miss those days. Especially on mornings like this when the coffee shop is slow. I suppose the new "other" paper is OK in a pinch and I must admit that recent cover story on "the ten best corn dogs for under ten bucks" was informative. Still, the Other Paper had some really great music writing and my Thursdays just aren't the same.

Turns out that one of said writers, Joel Oliphint , was working on a big piece about Musicol Recording right here in Columbus when the Other Paper "folded" so to speak. Lucky for all of us, it got picked up by Pitchfork which has roughly 25 gazillion readers/followers/friends all over the planet. 

Musicol was the first place Watershed ever recorded and it is great to read about it's unique success story. Uh-oh, customer... got to run.. Link below. enjoy. - Colin G 

Permanent Press The Story of Musicol Recording Studio by Joel Oliphint