'Searching For Sugar Man' this Wednesday @ the Gateway Film Center. Seriously, Don't Miss This Movie.

Unlike other websites that shall remain nameless**, we here at Pencilstorm don't just clack around on keyboards in our parents basement. No sir, on occasion we actually get off our ass and go do things with real live human beings. One of those things is our movie series, Reelin' and Rockin" at the Gateway Film Center. It is the brainchild of CD1025 DJ Brian Phillips and myself.  The 3rd Wednesday of the month we feature a rock n roll themed moving picture for your pleasure. This Wednesday May 15th we are proud to be showing the Acadamy Award winning documentary "Searching For Sugar Man". Hardcore music nerds like Brian and myself meet at the upstairs bar around 7pm and the movie starts at 8pm. Admission is only $5 and all proceeds benefit CD1025 for the kids.


This September will be the two year anniversary of Reelin' and Rockin' and we thank everybody who has made it possible. Hope to see you this Wednesday for 'Searching For Sugar Man' and at future Reelin' and Rockin' events. 


Click here for the link to Reelin and Rockin facebook page with all you need to know about all you need to know.

Click here if you need more convincing to read Ricki C's glowing review for 'Searching For Sugar Man' 


** - Grantland