Your Life Is Closer To Over: The Week That Was by Brian Phillips

I missed last week, but for good reason. Friday it was the Mariners and Tribe with my brother in Cleveland. The M's are, including that night, 1-8 since. I feel privileged to have witnessed the beginning of the end of their season.

Saturday and Sunday I was taking in my youngest's soccer tournament in Hilliard. The Dragons successfully defended their MOSSL title and Izzy successfully passed her first concussion test. (The final was a rough affair to say the least). I was actually quite calm through the whole thing. I didn't think it would help to flip out, run on the field and push down the kid who crunched my daughter's head into the turf. Being a grown up is hard.

Sunday was weird in that I attended Rock On The Range with my 15 year old. I didn't embarrass her too much. I'm pretty sure I was way more into Soundgarden than she. On the way to Crew Stadium "Flower" came on my Ipod and I commented that there was no way they'd play this late 80's obscurity. Not only was a I wrong, but they opened with it!


It's Memorial Day and all across America we remember those who gave all, and thank those who serve or served.... as it should be. Unfortunately it's not enough. We have a growing epidemic of men and women suffering in silence, behind a facade of post traumatic stress syndrome and severe head trauma. Our military health system is woefully inadequate to treat the scores who used to die in such circumstances. Today improved emergency care and better protective equipment keep them alive only to be returned state side to indifference and neglect. Read this piece and get really angry. Is the military drumming young people out so they don't have to pay for their treatment? Draw your own conclusions. 

Meanwhile the Boston Bombing case continues to generate the weird on many fronts. A friend of the dead bomber was about to confess to role in a 2011 triple murder when he attacked law enforcement and was shot dead they say. It's been theorized that dead bomber was involved in the unsolved crime. 

Last week two FBI agents involved in the shoot out with the Boston Bombers fell out of a helicopter and died, and Alex Jones just shit his pants.

Speaking of Jones, he says the Oklahoma tornadoes could have been steered toward their target by the government. Of course they were Alex duh... 

This article on a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting tornado victims with lost mementos will restore some faith in humanity unless you're completely dead inside. Some pictures were found about 100 miles away.

When you read this remember that banks have been gently reminded to end such practices. "Oh well' says the government, 'we did all we could.'

Anyone living in Western Washington will tell you that losing this bridge really sucks. Welcome to America's crumbling infrastructure. Fortunately no one was killed. 

If you haven't been following the story, the singer for Christian metal band As I Lay Dying is accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife. Now we have his defense: Roid Rage. Perhaps it would work better if he attempted the crime himself, but 'steroids caused my client to methodically seek out and hire a professional killer' doesn't have the same ring to it. Good luck with that. (By the way the hired gun was actually an undercover cop. I know big surprise there.)

The death of Doors founding member Ray Manzarek reminds that all those guys are going fast now. Mazarek was a guest on the morning show I produced in Seattle back in the day. I remember him smoking in our lunch room and talking a lot about the Doors. I've always been more impressed by the fact that he produced their first four X albums.


This is why many stadiums and arenas have you pour your beer in a cup. Orioles outfielder Nate McClouth was nearly killed by fan hurling full can out of upper deck. By the way check out the catch. 

A favorite pass time of mine since the NBA stole the Sonics from Seattle has been bashing the league. I'd like to thank Charles Barkley for this ammunition. 

And Finally Tonight

A Minute Maid Park snow cone vendor has been fired. This after a fan captured the man on his cellphone enter a bathroom stall, set his snow cones on the floor, and take a dump. That's awesome!

And you can't go without reading this. Man runs out of gas, sets up drum set on freeway berm.