Weep For My Family. It's The NFC Championship Game

(Editor's note: Brian Phillips grew up in the Olympic Peninsula town of Port Angeles, Washington. He's followed the Seattle Seahawks since their 1976 inception. He attended the Hawks first win ever, a last second 17-16  pre-season thriller over the San Diego Chargers. His childhood heroes were Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. His first  paid radio job involved plugging in local commercials  during Seahawks broadcasts at KQQQ in Pullman, Washington. Living in Ohio has not dulled his Hawk passion. Don't ask him about the 12th Man, or Beast Mode, or 'You Mad Bro' or any of that shit unless you like getting spittle on your face. )

As my Seahawks have continued on their inexorable march to this evening's NFC Championship Game friends have been checking in to see where I'm watching. I've had no answer. Home seems the safest option. My wife and daughters have grown to accept my frothing. I'm sure it's not easy. Whenever I see this commercial I'm filled with fear that I am this guy:

The Bier Stube across from the campus Gateway is owned by a Seahawk fan for crying out loud. I could go there, but he's trying to run a business. I don't want to scare away the regulars. 

My buddy Nick is always understanding, but he's a Patriots' fan. What if the Pats lose? He'll be in no mood for my nonsense. I watched this game with him in 2012. I thought he was going to brain me with his shoe.

The issue of course is that when it comes to the Seahawks I am reduced to some sort of feral or childlike state. This play from last week's Saints game had me baying at the moon:

It's best that I separate myself from the herd and watch alone save for any member of my family crazed enough to join me. We know 49ers/Seahawks will be one for the ages. I should probably wear a helmet myself. 

My picks:

Seahawks 20 49ers 17

The other game:

(This one is actually a lot harder to pick. The weather won't be a factor... 61 and sun in Denver today if you can believe that. The conditions should be sufficient for Manning to do what he does)

Broncos 38 Pats 34