Today is a Good Day to Make Your Own Video for the Song "Cold Weather"

Did you know that there was going to be a video for the song "Cold Weather" by Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones? Well is true. We shot footage the same time we were making the video for "Still Love Christmas". As luck would have it, in the period between the filming and the editing, some wise guy broke into the car of our video guy and stole his laptop, and with it, the footage for "Cold Weather". Bastards!

As is often the case in minor league rock n roll, there is no contingency plan for setbacks as such, so all parties involved said, "the hell with it". Oh well, certainly the world will survive with one less rock music video. Still, it is a catchy little number, especially on days like today with temperatures dropping faster than Andy Dalton's QBR rating. (Zingo!)

So while driving around in the wacko cold, why not blast "Cold Weather" and imagine your own video?  And remember, "the only thing better than cold weather is knowing one day it will be warm again" - Colin G.

Listen to "Cold Weather" by clicking here.


Colin Gawel wrote this at a chilly Colin's Coffee. Learn more about him and other Pencilstorm contributors by clicking here.