Tim Skipper Returns to Columbus with Copperlily

The last and only time I saw Tim Skipper perform was years ago when his band was opening  for Watershed at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus. For some reason Mike "Biggie" McDermott had a big hard-on for his band and if you have read Hitless Wonder, you know full well that when Biggie gives marching orders, we take them. 

"Biggie, who are these guys? They look like kids. Why are they opening for us at the Newport? We have a list of bands who we owe this gig."

"You'll see, they are going places."

As usual, Biggie was right. The band turned out to be House of Heroes and yes, they were excellent even as teenagers before they went on to do all sorts of cool things.

Anyway, fast forward a zillion years to now and HOH founding member Tim Skipper is rolling through town with his new project, or side project, Copperlily. I don't know much about the band other than Tim and his wife Stephanie met while they were both signed to Gotee records in Nashville. One thing led to another, they got married and started Copperlily. It's a decidedly more low-key affair than House of Heroes, but once again, it seems to me this music is going places. I can only assume they are fans of Richard & Linda Thompson. 

Anyway, keep your eye on Copperlily and if you can make it out to the Rumba Cafe Friday, October 24th, you might see something special. Colin G.