All Things "Superior" For Your Snowy Sunday (featuring a young Owen Gawel) by Colin G.

"Remember that guy Colin Gawel?"

"Uh....sorta, I think."

"You know, the guy from that great book about that band Watershed?"

"Rings a bell." 

"You know the guy. He did that crazy Cheap Trick list where he ranked every song."

"Did he play all the Beatles songs too?"

"No, that's another guy."

"You know Colin Gawel, he's the guy who did that song Superior."

"Oh yeah...."

Below: A young Owen Gawel interviewing me about the writing of Superior. You'll notice when he starts to get bored. And below that, actual proof that sometimes The Lonely Bones can be pretty damn good rock n roll band. From the old CD101 Big Room.