More News You Missed While Hearing About The Plane

This continuous reporting of the missing plane in the Indian Ocean reminds me of an eight year old giving me updates on the progress of their video game.  It seems like every 5 minutes I get a new report about meaningless progress they are making.  Listen folks, when you get to Level 12, beat the game, and actually find the plane, let us know.  Until then, let us know about some real news.

Sure, I'll give you guys kudos for starting to shed more light on the Mudslide in Washington.  But it took you three days to bring the story to the forefront and now all you're left with is interviews with family members looking for their loved ones.  Oh.... and a running tally of how many bodies they found.  Thanks for turning this sad news story into a sensational reality show.

As I was flipping through all the news stories last night, I was shocked to see another important news story buried beyond the plane, mudslide, government, Russia, etc. stories.

Did you know there was an oil spill in Lake Michigan the other night?

Yep. Seems like BP did it again. You can read about it here. Affected about a half a mile of Lake Michigan just above Indiana.

You know what's most pathetic about all this? Pencilstorm is starting to be your news source for real information. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get back to blogging about something fun.

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