Bruce, I Went Ahead and Wrote Out Setlist For Tonight's Show in Columbus. You're Welcome, Colin

Bruce, I am sure you have a million things to do, what with family activities and just keeping the band organized. I mean, between Little League and work I can barely find time to get our four-piece together for practice, so I have no idea how you get the entire E Street Band in the room to rehearse. Scheduling must be a bitch.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I own a small coffee shop and usually have a little free time on my hands before people start stumbling in for their daily fix. You have done a lot for me so I figured it is time for me to chip in and help you out a bit. It's no big deal really. Happy to do it. Also, this seems more efficient than bringing a bunch of signs to the show. They are hard to carry and I'm sure you get tired of squinting through the lights every night trying to read them. Win - Win.

I went ahead studied your shows from 2014 and I think I have kept it pretty close to what you have been trying to accomplish.  In the interest of full disclosure, I suppose I should mention I am bringing my ten year old son Owen  tonight for his first blown E. Street show (He caught you solo with the Prez in 2012) so I suppose my intentions aren't completely altruistic . Admittedly, I  sprinkled in tracks to stack the deck a little in his favor.

Here you go, feel free to print out as many copies as you need. You're welcome. Good luck tonight!

Setlist: Bruce Springsteen Nationwide Arena Columbus, OH Tuesday April 15th

High Hopes


Darkness on the Edge of Town

Two Hearts

Bobby Jean

Wrecking Ball

Death to My Hometown

Atlantic City

Shackled and Drawn

Heaven's Wall

Because the Night

--You can pick a "sign request" here though I would appreciate you looking for "Long Walk Home" or "Lucky Town."

Darlington County or Cadillac Ranch

American Skin

Promised Land 

Ghost of Tom Joad

The Rising

The Land of Hope and Dreams


Racing in the Street  (Read the chapter of the same title in the book "Hitless Wonder - A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" and you will understand why this is a good Columbus choice.)

Born to Run

10th Ave Freeze-Out

Dancing in the Dark

Encore 2: 

You can decide.

Colin Gawel plays in the band Watershed. He once met Bruce Springsteen and wrote about it. Click here to read. He also was chosen to perform with his band the Lonely Bones at the Springsteen Exhibit opening at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.