Three Things, Richard Thompson by Colin Gawel

"What do you have going on?"

"Not too much. Same old really. Trying to get in the summer groove. I AM going to see Richard Thompson at the Southern Theater, though. I had a coupla beers one night and just bought tickets online so I knew i couldn't back out. Same system from back in my younger days. I would go to the Out r Inn and pound a few beers and then go directly down the street and buy a bunch of used records. Numbs the buyer's remorse."

"Yeah, uh, whatever, who is Richard Thompson?"

"You know, he's done a million things. He sings that motorcycle song."

"Don't know it."

"Sure you do. The one with red-headed Molly in it. He is a super bad-ass guitar player. You know him. He wears a beret? You know that song."

"I really don't."

"Ok, check this out."

"Ring a bell?

"Not really."

"Come on. He made a bunch of amazing, semi-tragic records with his ex-wife Linda. This one will just break your heart. Have you ever heard a better bridge? Make sure to stick it out to the end. Then play it again."

"And he is still making really cool records. This is my favorite from his latest LP, "Electric" - "Good Things Happen to Bad People."

Richard Thompson performs at the Southern Theater in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday June 18th. Colin Gawel will be attending.