Johnny DiLoretto Answers Your Questions About the Downtown Drive In June 13th @ North Market

Johnny DiLoretto is the director of communications for the Gateway Film Center, the Midwest's premiere independent movie house. He will be checking in from time to time over the upcoming months to keep us informed about all the kick-ass events they have scheduled that are sure to keep your summertime blues at bay.

Q: Wait, wait, what's this? You guys are having a Drive-In movie series at the North Market? Like park outside and watch in your car and everything? When does it start? What do I need to know?

A: You got it, Colin! This is total badassery at work. We kicked this program off back at the beginning of May with Toy Story. Next up is Ghostbusters on Friday the 13th. It's great -- you park in the North Market parking lot, we put up a 40-foot inflatable movie screen, and you listen to the movie through your FM radio. We're bringing this tradition downtown so you don't have to drive out to some shady-ass boondock and risk having some heroin addict climb through your hatchback and stab you in the neck with his cooking spoon.

Q: This is so cool. Where did the idea come from? Is there anything else like it in America?

A: I came up with it. (No matter what Rick Harrison Wolfe, North Market exec director, and Gateway FIlm Center president, Chris Hamel have to say about it...) And, to answer the other question - there is only one other downtown drive-in in the United States and I probably had the idea for that one too.

Q: Harold Ramis recently passed away. In addition to his role in Ghostbusters, what would you recommend is worth revisiting from his impressive body of work as both a writer/actor/director?

A: In addition to co-starring with Bill Murray in Ghostbusters and Stripes, Ramis directed Caddyshack and the first National Lampoon's Vacation movie, so obviously those are classics. He also did the movie, Multiplicity, which has a fun performance by Michael Keaton as a guy who clones himself, so he can get more shit done. 

Q: Did you ever sneak a bunch of people into a Drive-In movie growing up and if so, how many?

A: No, I was too riddled with Catholic guilt to sneak people in. I have two distinct drive-in memories though. One, is when I was really young, my uncle brought me to the drive-in and let me go buy popcorn by myself. I got lost on my way back to the car and when I finally thought I'd found the car, I saw a dude's horrifying, pale white ass pumping away at someone under him. It was the wrong car and scarred me for life. To this day, I shudder at seeing a dude's pale white ass. The second experience came later when I was 12 or so. I went to the drive-in with my friend and his super hot mom, and all I could think about was how I could lose my friend and make out with his mom. I forget the movie, but not the mom.

UPDATE: You can actually now order your tickets / parking space in advance for Friday's show here: