We Will Be Taking a Short Vacation to Move into Our Sweet New Offices. See You Aug 25th!

As much as we all love staring at computer screens, sometimes it's best to give the eyeholes a little break and focus on some real world stuff. That is why Pencilstorm will be taking a short vacation so we can retool and reload while we move into our sweet new digs right in downtown Columbus. I can't get into the details of how we came into the money but lets just say fashion + music + blogging = cold, hard corporate cash. 

The new spot really is cool. We decided if we are going to compete with Grantland we needed to change out of these sweat pants and get a shave. It's a little pricey, but it gives us the illusion of success and what cost can you attach to that?  Plus the extra perks should make for a happier staff and ultimately better writing for your enjoyment. Wal got his own espresso machine and Ricki C. finally got a shelf for his peanut butter. Brian Phillips and Johnny DiLoretto got a corner office with a view of Huntington Park. Hassler likes that we are so close to Brothers, his favorite bar.

Anyway, sometime around August 15th we will be a little quiet until roaring back to life on Monday August 25th. We are also adding new writers to cover the Browns and Buckeyes and all your favorite Pencilstorm writers will return refreshed and refocused. BTW, if you know anybody who should be writing for us, please have them send a sample to Pitch us an idea. We will listen. Or at least pretend to. - Colin G.

In the mean time, please visit our archive page. Just click and type in any topic that interests you to see what we have and what you've been missing.