Revisit the Entire OSU 2014 Championship Season with Brent Baver

Brent Baver covered the entire 2014-15 Ohio State Football season ending in an unlikely romp to the national title. Please enjoy this recap of every Baver Buckeye Bag from this season never to be forgotten. Click the games below to relive the magic. ALL articles by Brent Baver except where noted. Check back every Thursday this season from college football bloggin' from Baver.

OSU vs Navy                         

 Baver's Answers Colin's Questions OSU vs Navy 

OSU vs Virginia Tech  preview 

Crawling from The Wreckage. Virginia Tech recap. 

Baver Answer's Colin's Questions post Virginia Tech 

Baver Answers Colin's Questions 9/19/14 

Baver Answers Colin's Questions 9/25/14

Cincy Recap / Maryland Preview 

Baver Answers Colin's Questions - predicts OSU still has shot at making playoff 

Rutgers Preview / Baver AGAIN predicts if OSU wins out, they make the four team playoff. Crazy talk. 

Baver Answer's Colin's Questions 

Rutgers Recap / Penn State Preview

A Trip to Happy Valley and Baver Answers Colin's Questions

Penn State Recap/ Illinois Preview

OSU vs MSU / Colin's Questions

MSU Recap / Gopher Preview 

Baver Answers Colin's Questions 

Gopher Recap / Indiana Preview  

Baver Answers Colin's Questions 11/21/14 

Why Do the Dead Schembechlers Swear So Much? - by Jeff Hassler 

Indiana Recap / Michigan Preview 

Michigan Recap/ Big Ten Title Preview. Can Cardale Do It? 

Baver Answers Colin's Questions 12/5/14 

TCU Nerds Better Get Ready For a Course in Football Economics 101 by Colin Gawel 

Wisconsin Recap / Alabama Preview 

Full Alabama Preview 

Dead Schembechlers "I'm So Bored With the USA". 

Bama Recap / 10 Biggest Buckeye Wins Ever

SEC Bias? What Do the Fact Say? by Scott Plez 

Should Your Kid Miss School to Watch a Football Game? by Colin Gawel 

Bucks vs Ducks Preview