Top Ten SNL Sketches By Wal Ozello

Saturday Night Live celebrates its 40th anniversary this week and aired a commemorative episode Sunday night. I compiled my top ten favorite sketches below.

Now let's be honest. There are millions of sketches and it's difficult to choose the best ones. So to compile my top ten, I chose them from memory only. I picked the first ten best ones that popped in my head.  I know I've missed some great ones, and you can probably add several of your own ideas in the comments. I also made sure these were live sketches. No commercials. No digital shorts. No prerecorded materials. No Nightly News. No opening monologues.

Counting down my list. Click on the name to see the video.

10. The Denise Show - This episode stars Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman.

9. Will Ferrell helps Mariel Hemingway get off the phone - Early Will Ferrell but priceless.

8. Bronx Beat - This is the one with James Van Der Beek.

7. Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder Duet - Eddie and Piscopo.

6. Lunch Lady Land - Chris Farley and Adam Sandler at their best.

5. Samurai Delicatessen - John Belushi's best character.

4. Al Pacino Checks His Balance - Bill Hader is my favorite impressionist.

3. Jingleheimer Junction - This children's show goes awry when Will Ferrell shows up with an F on his shirt.

2. Walken Family Renunion - One of the funniest things I've ever seen on television.

1. James Brown Hot Tub Party - There are tons of amazing Eddie Murphy moments. This is the best.

Wal Ozello is  a science fiction techno-thriller novelist and the author of Assignment 1989  and Revolution 1990. He's a resident of Upper Arlington, Ohio and a frequent customer at Colin's Coffee. Wal's been watching Saturday Night Live as long as he can remember.

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