Owen Gawel Answers My WWE Questions - by Colin Gawel

In approximately three hours from this posting, my eleven year old son Owen and myself will be attending our first WWE Monday Raw event at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH. Owen has followed WWE diligently for the past 8 months and has graciously agreed to answer some questions as long as it doesn't interrupt the PS4 WWE 2K15 video game he is currently playing.

CG: What was the name of that submission hold you just used to win that match?

OG: Hell's Gate

CG: Ah geez, I hope Mom doesn't read this. It did look painful though. Anyway, will you please share your updated top five favorite WWE wrestlers?

OG: 1) Roman Reigns 2) Dean Ambrose 3) John Cena 4) Brock Lesnar 5) Randy Orton.

CG: Who are your least favorite?

OG: 1) Seth Rollins, "obviously" 2 Daniel Bryan "I sort of hate that whole,Yes Yes Yes, thing. It gets stuck in my head." 3: Big Show (me: What do you hate about him? OG: Just everything.) 4) Rusev 5) Triple H.

CG: If you had to choose between Adam Rose and The Miz as your tag team partner, who would you choose?

OG: Adam Rose, because he throws a good party.

CG: What wrestler entrance are you most excited to see tonight?

OG: Bray Wyatt. I love the way the lights go out and it's super creepy. It's awesome.

CG: What is your favorite finishing move of any WWE superstar? 

OG: That's a tough one. Seth Rollins may suck but his curb-stomp is pretty sweet. Make sure you put in the Seth Rollins sucks part.

CG: Last question: If you could see one match in one format, what would it be?

OG: Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar in a Hell in a Cell match.

CG: Thanks for your time and have fun tonight at Monday Night Raw.