I Really Don't Care About the NBA, But Go Cavs! by Greg May

Honestly, I don't give a shit about the NBA. I like college basketball, mostly because of the NCAA tournament. which I believe to be one of the more compelling and pure sporting events each year. But the NBA bores me to tears. With that being said ... Go Cavs!  Call me a frontrunner, a bandwagoner or whatever you want. Just don't call me an NBA fan.

My reason for rooting for the Cavs is pretty simple. I have been a Browns fan all my life. I'm convinced that there is some kind of negative force field, hex, curse ... whatever you want to call it .. that is keeping the city down. And for some desperate reason I believe that if the Cavs win the NBA Championship the city karma will be equalized and all will be right again on the North Coast, allowing the Browns to stop sucking and Johnny Eightball to lead them to the playoffs this year. (What, no Super Bowl title, you ask? Even in a state of equalized karma the Browns just barely make the playoffs this year. Baby steps.)

So, go Cavs! And to be honest, I have actually enjoyed watching these games a lot more than I thought I would. LeBron has been clanking iron like a blacksmith, Kyrie's sitting on the bench, and yet the Cavs just keep rolling thanks to guys like Tristan Thompson, Matthew Dellavedova and of course J.R. Smith, who made a team record eight 3-pointers in game 1 of the Easter Conference finals, then explained after the game how difficult it is for him to pass the ball. You have to admit, his honesty is refreshing.

Speaking of J.R., here's a video I found that made me laugh so hard I tinkled in my pants a little bit. Go Cavs! #BallinWithLeBron