America Could Use Some Bruce Springsteen Right Now By Wal Ozello

I remember when Colin first asked me to start writing for Pencilstorm he explained we cover fun stuff... music... movies... sports... the occasional feel good story.... but rule #1 is we never talk politics.

So I'm not going to say anything about the state of America right now, because that's not what we do here at Pencilstorm.

But I just thought on this Fourth of July, we could all use a little Bruce Springsteen.  I've always considered Born To Run the unofficial American national rock n roll song.  It's really about the pursuit of happiness. 

Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there from all of us at Pencilstorm. Stay safe. And as Bruce says in the beginning of this video clip, "Nobody wins, unless everybody wins." 

Wal Ozello is the former singer of the Columbus hairband Armada. He's the author of the science fiction time travel books , Revolution 1990 and Sacrifice 2086 and a frequent customer at Colin's Coffee.