America's Biggest Loser: Gun Policy or the Cleveland Browns? - by Colin Gawel

 I have a question and I know you have it too: Which is America's biggest loser, our current gun policy or the Cleveland Browns? 

Now before all you Dawgs and gun nutz lose your shit, just hear me out. I'm not proposing any changes to current gun policy or the Browns. I have no answers.  More guns or less guns? More Manziel or less Manziel? Hell, I don't know. (Click here to read my open letter to Rep. Steve Stivers) What I do know is that going strictly by the numbers, both the Browns and America's gun policies are an unmitigated disaster. A total embarrassment. Or put another way, they both suck. Bad.

As a huge fan of both the Browns and the USA, it brings me no pleasure to point out the obvious. In fact, I'd much prefer to squint my eyes and tell you i see some hope on the horizon.  However, the cold hard numbers tell a different story and it isn't pretty. This isn't personal and it isn't my opinion. This is just how it is. Hopefully somebody smarter than myself figures something to get both things trending in the right direction in 2016. Until then, I'll leave it to you to decide which is America's biggest loser. From my vantage point, it's too close to call.  - Colin G.

                                                          Gun Policy

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                                                    Cleveland Browns

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