Colin's Longest Interview Ever: "Watershed Moments: In The Record Store Podcast"

Sure, if you wanted to learn more than you ever needed to know about Colin and Watershed you could read the book Hitless Wonder. But that's soooo 2013. Reading, up those earbuds, hit the treadmill and/or crack a can of 4-String and enjoy a full 82 minute interview with Colin on the fabulous podcast In The Record Store. Colin talks about his new "Best Of" record, Watershed, the Insane Clown Posse, Jim Tressel and much more. Dig it. Also make sure to pick up the latest 614 Mag, listen to Colin on CD1025 this Saturday at midnight for the Andymanathon, and see ya at Woodland's Dec 23rd at 8pm for the release show. And on WCBE 90.5 Dec 23rd at 2pm. Whew.

Click here for episode #22 of In the Record Store Featuring Colin Gawel of Watershed