Director Wes Orshoski Talks to Brian Phillips about The Damned and Lemmy

Tomorrow night - Wednesday, August 19th - for the Reelin' and Rockin' film series at the Gateway Film Center we're screening Wes Orshoski's new work "The Damned: Don't You Wish We Were Dead." The "Lemmy" director shot me a call recently to chat about the film. In making the movie Wes unearthed some cool stuff I did not know, most notably how close The Damned came to being produced by noted recluse Syd Barrett. 

The reviews have been across the board excellent. Listen to the interview over on (or just click below) and then join us for the screening! Happy hour at 7pm in the Torpedo Room. Movie begins at 8. $5 admission, proceeds to CD1025 for The Kids.

Colin here, full disclosure: Wes is a longtime friend of Watershed, going back to the almost underage beer-drinking days at Frankie's in Toledo. He was hanging around rock clubs with a camera back when you had to use this thing called "film." I can personally vouch for his rock n roll bona fides. Nobody is more legit and it's no surprise critics the world over now rave about his movies. I'm a fan. Brian is a fan. Bono is a fan. Lemmy is a fan. And if you aren't already, you are going to be a fan of Wes Orshoski. Dig it.