Going for Two with The North Coast Posse…. Browns v Raiders

This week Big $ of the N.C.P. goes for two by serving up two nuggets of Faygo-soaked hot air relating to your frustrating yet addictive Cleveland Browns. follow @northcoastposse

1) It's no secret that I firmly believe the following :

- Johnny Manziel is a joke.

- Jimmy Haslam spent his years with Pittsburgh cooking up rebate scams (and delightful pizza recipes, love myself a pilot j supreme) rather than learning the secrets of building a championship franchise.

- Ray Farmer is a joke

So when you add up those tidbits, it's pretty clear that I find the current state of the Browns regrettable at best. With that said, even if Johnny started all 16 games with a run-down D. Bowe as his primary target, I never, ever would of predicted a 0 win season. The NFL is constructed to ensure that even the blindest of squirrels find 3-4 nuts per year.

So our visually impaired furry friends unearthed a nut against a fully discombobulated Titans team last week. Is it better than a loss? Sure. Did the Browns do everything in their power to try and throw the game away in the second half? You bet. However, the Titans' will to lose was just too strong on that day. I don't think the playground football scheme of having Benjamin run to the Buick Regal and look up is going to work moving forward. I still think a 4-5 win game season is on the horizon.

2.) For most Browns fans, the team (and I use that term loosely) is a slight distraction to the b.s. involved with everyday life. To Mike Pettine, it's his livelihood. It has been easy to question several situations and/or decisions made by this coaching regime, however I am certain that when it comes to breaking down film, Pett is 100 times more adept than any of us armchair q.b.'s. That win by Johnny was low-hanging fruit for his adoring masses, but the tape doesn't lie. I have a hard time believing that any man that has worked his way to a professional head coaching spot could grade Johnny positively on his weekend flag football warrior-esque performance last Sunday. He doesn't protect the ball, and is useless in the pocket. Keep in mind, Titans coordinator, grumpy old man Lebeau, made a cult hero out of NFL castoff Tim Tebow as well (in the playoffs no less). Mike Pettine is not going to attach his professional future to Johnny as long as there is a serviceable alternative, and if you blame him for that you're in need of therapy.

So sit back and enjoy week 3 everybody (unless you're in Central Ohio, where the Bungles game has taken network t.v. precedence).