Original Drummer Herb Schupp Playing w/ Watershed @ Ace of Cups. Advance Tickets Online Now!

Hey folks, Watershed is playing their only Columbus show of 2015 on Saturday, August 15th at Ace of Cups. Original Watershed drummer Herb Schupp will be behind the skins, so you old school fans of Hitless Wonder don't want to miss this.  AND... all-around rock 'n' roll bad-ass John Speck (The Generals, Hoarse, The Fags, Skeemin' No Goods) is opening the show. 

Get your pre sale tickets here. 18 and up. Only $10. It might sell out. Seriously playing with fire if you don't get tickets ASAP. 

Click Here For Advance Tickets for Watershed live @ Ace of Cups Saturday August 15th. Just 10 bucks. 8 pm.