The Blue Jackets Are Out-CBJ'ing Themselves While Fans Look On In Shock - by Greg May

Wow. We're not even two weeks into the season and things are already looking bleak over on Nationwide Boulevard. The Blue Jackets, a team that knows a thing or ten about slow starts to the season, has managed to start the 2015-16 campaign in especially bad fashion. After losing in Chicago on Saturday night, the CBJ are now 0-6-0, the worst start in the team's history. I'm as surprised as anyone at that. My first thought was that there had to be a worse start to a CBJ season than this, but then I realized that's impossible, at least over the first 6 games.

On a positive note, the CBJ have one of the more passionate and loyal fan bases in all of sports. Immediately after the loss on Saturday night, diehard fans were doing their best to rally the troops with the hashtag #CBJNoMatterWhat.  

Blue Jacket fans have shown a lot of class as they wait for something to cheer about. So far the conversation about how and why the team has stumbled out of the gate has been civil and vitriol-free. For now, most fans appear to be trying to laugh it off.  A perfect example of that showed up Monday morning in the form of a parody song called Wake Me Up When This Season Ends. It was posted by a "fan super-group" going by the name Donald, Dale, Boomer and Ward. Listening to it isn't going to change the fact that the Blue Jackets now have only a 9% chance of making the playoffs (and there are still 76 games to be played!), but it might make the tears in your beer taste a little less bitter.