Watershed Drinking Tour Stop w/ Marah, Celebrating Kids in Philly, October 16-17

Biggie has the van gassed up and he & Colin will be scrounging up change for the Penna Turnpike for a Watershed Drinking Tour date in the city of brotherly love the weekend of October 16 & 17. 

Readers familiar with the book "Hitless Wonder" know Watershed has been known to schedule tour dates without performing. "It's a pain in the ass to move all the gear and we usually sell the same amount of swag anyway, whether the band plays or not." said longtime roadie Ricki C.

So on Friday October 16th, join Biggie and Colin at the South Philadelphia Tap Room for a happy hour celebrating the vinyl reissue of Marah's classic LP Kids in Philly. Showtime for drinking is roughly 8pm. 

What's all this then? 

Colin explains: "Off the top of my head, the best live bands I have ever seen are AC/DC, Dash Rip Rock, Cheap Trick, The Olympic Ass Kicking Team and Marah. Why wouldn't we drive nine hours for a happy hour party celebrating Kids in Philly finally coming out on vinyl? We have certainly driven further for worse reasons. To put this in perspective, our last two drinking tour stops were The Replacements in St. Paul and Jerry Lee Lewis in Memphis. That should show the respect we have for the mighty Marah.  Besides, I've been to Philly like 10 times doing gigs but I've never seen anything more than the clubs on South Street and Biggie yelling "The Liberty Bell is around here somewhere." as we grind on steak subs at 3 am on our way out of town." 

Due to high demand, there is a chance the band could add other dates to the tour. "We plan on checking out some history and arts 'n' stuff on Saturday but we can't miss UM vs MSU  so we will probably hunker down somewhere close to Underground Arts Saturday before the big show that night. It's a big city so I assume there is somewhere to watch football around there.  And yes, we know OSU is playing Penn State the same time Marah is on stage so please be respectful and don't tell us the score before we get back to our hotel to watch the tape."

For the latest details or suggestions on where Biggie and Colin should go,  follow @watershed or @colingawel on twitter