What Does the NCP Predict for Tonight's Browns Game: PAIN!

@Northcoastposse was just judged as one of the top five twitter follows by the Cleveland Browns.

Big$:  Ok, it’s pretty clear that I’m a dues-paying member of the Anti-Johnny Coalition. However, I’ve always maintained that our signal-calling Monday FunDay-er was going to find his way onto the field in 2015.

Several Browns fans (who may or may not partake in high-powered psychedelic mind- enhancers) have wondered why it has taken this long for #2 to be #1. Here is a rundown:

- The team is not losing because of Josh McCown.  To play at the level he has with no running game or play-making WR’s has been slightly amazing.  To date, he is the only NFL QB to throw 2 TD’s against the Broncos.  For further perspective, see Aaron Rodgers’ stats against Denver.

- I will reiterate, Mike Pettine’s livelihood depends on results.  Every decision he is going to make is going to be based on the need to win games.  If Johnny gave the Browns the best chance to win, he would play.  Last year, fans were quick to dismiss Johnny’s in-season partying, and late arrival to games.  Eventually, his lifestyle choices culminated in the week 17 debacle where a search team had to be sent to look for him.  The same issues and rumors are swirling and being dismissed in 2015.  Browns fans need to look up the definition of insanity.

- Lastly, the future is bleak for this ramshackle organization.  I’m not sure the front office has any real strategy to keep ticket holders invested into 2016.  The one glimmer they had was to let Josh finish this out and proclaim next year as “The season of Johnny!”  This last-ditch effort becomes D.O.A. if he is exposed (again) in his starts this season.  Don’t be too sure ownership is excited about Manziel seeing the field.

My prediction for Thursday:  To quote the legendary Clubber Lang, “PAIN!”  The NFL is a copycat league, and as coaches and coordinators get axed across the country, pink slips may start getting handed out in Berea early Friday morning. Unfortunately, our good ole boy owner has immunity to such consequences.

As for our weekly LeBron question, I’d play The King at QB against the Bengals. Needless to say, I’m not very excited about Johnny taking the field.