Kevin A. and Big $ With Thoughts on Super Bowl 50

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-- What are the chances Carolina throws a new school beat down on olde-timey Denver?

K.A. - Denver has a really good defense and it has enabled them to win big games all year.  They beat Pittsburgh, NE (2x), and Cincinnati. They have shown they play well in big games.  I think the odds of a beat down are low.

Big $ -  I believe the precedent has been set for watching the Peyton-led Broncos get beat down by a defensively dynamic team in a Super Bowl. On the other side of the ball, Cam's superhuman mobility and a strong running game will make SB 50 look a lot different than this year's AFC championship game.

- Do you think Cam would get as much heat for his celebrations if he looked like Peyton Manning? (White guy)

Big $ -  I'll cite another precedent, JJ Watt. Ole JJ has pulled out every dance move imaginable without even the slightest raise of a suburban eyebrow. The reason: he looks goofy as hell. Cam's end zone celebrations make it appear he would give a backup dancer for Janet Jackson a run for their money. This can be unsettling and potentially threatening to Middle America, and nothing sets off the heartland like a perceived threat (just ask most cable news outlets). So I think chances are good.

K.A. - I don't know, but I would love to see it.  It would be the highlight of the Super Bowl if Manning did that.  Honestly, of course he wouldn't.  These players have completely different reputations, but I don't necessarily believe it's because of race.   I don't think Russell Wilson would get as much heat as Cam either.

- Do you think Peyton would take more heat for getting HGH shipped to "his wife" if he looked more like Cam? 

K.A. - This is a great question.  Why has the media refused to tackle these questions with Manning? But is it race related? They wanted to vilify Tom Brady over inflated footballs, and he's white.  I think Peyton is just loved by a lot of people and they don't want this to be true.     I do think it's a much bigger story with a big black QB like Newton, and that's unfortunate. But I don't think the press cares what color Cam Newton is. I think it's overblown. Though, stealing that laptop at Florida probably didn't help. the situation. 

Big $: I don't think race plays as big a role in steroid scandals as occupation does. America's arbitrary moral barometer has concluded that steroid use in baseball is a national tragedy, while football players can 'roid up without the slightest move of the needle.

- Manning has taken the Broncos to the Super Bowl 2 of the last 3 years at the very, very end of his career. How impressive is that? What do people want from this guy?

K.A. - Everyone always wants to compare Manning with Brady, and it's not a fair comparison.  Brady may be the best QB to ever play this game.  If you compare Manning to every other QB, what he's done is very impressive.  Sure he's had a lot of "one & done" playoff appearances, but he's also playing in his fourth Super Bowl.  Andy a Dalton is taking notes.

 - Would you ever spend your own money to attend a Super Bowl?

K.A. - Funny you ask.  In our house we have an agreement.  If the Bengals get back to the Super Bowl, I'm going.  I think my wife made a pretty safe bet there.

Big $ - As a Browns fan you might as well ask, "Would you use your own money to build a rocketship and live on the sun?" I can't wrap my brain around thoughts that big. 

- Final predictions and side bets? I bet a six pack that if Ted Ginn Jr. scores a TD, the Panthers win the game.

Big $ -If I learned anything as a Buckeye fan, a Teddy G. T.D. does not always translate to championships (F'n Roy Hall). However, I still predict a 27-14 Panthers win and I'll go out on a limb and predict Kuechly takes home MVP.

K.A. - Carolina 30, Denver 23. The MVP will likely be Newton, but I'm going with Greg Olsen just to be different.    If Denver wins the game I think the dark horse MVP is C.J Anderson. I'll bet a six-pack they don't mention Manning and HGH at all after kickoff.