Is Indiana a Trap Game for OSU? Baver Answers

Colin: Anything noteworthy about the destruction of Rutgers or just business as usual?

Baver: Not much to report….almost flawless domination after the first 5 minutes of the game. Schiano knows how to make the right adjustments rather quickly. Rutgers is horrible, but it’s still pretty amazing how dominant this Buckeye team has been this early on with all the talent lost from last year’s squad.

Colin: Is anybody going to be able to touch JT Barrett's records when he is all finished at OSU?

Baver: If Barrett stays healthy and comes back for ’17, his career records are going to be ridiculous. Hell, they’ll be ridiculous without a 4th year. But, as long as Urban Meyer is here, and as long as the rules don’t change to slow down tempo offenses, I’d say no Ohio State offensive records are safe.

Colin: The Big 12 plays ZERO defense and Oklahoma gave up 49 points last week to TCU. Does this take some luster off of our win? 

Baver: I think’s a win’s a win…and that one was against a Top 25 team on the road. Let’s just hope Oklahoma doesn’t screw around and lose to a very bad Texas team again.  

Colin: On to this week's game. Indiana gave us fits last year, is coming off a win over Sparty and the Bucks have a huge road game at Wisconsin next week. Isn't this the textbook recipe for a trap game?

Baver: Yep…and the Buckeyes are overdue to show some chinks in the armor….every team does at some point, even Bama. I don’t think this one goes down to the wire like last year, but I tend to think Indiana hangs around awhile like they normally do against Ohio State.

Colin: As talented as this team is, history shows that going undefeated is extremely rare and young teams do have let downs. What remaining games are you most concerned about? 

Baver: Wisconsin and Michigan. I’m afraid many of the players may think they can just waltz into Camp Randall and hammer Wisconsin at night like they did Oklahoma on the road. Maybe that will happen, but that place is going to be a lot crazier than Norman was, and Urban now has to keeps egos in check. The Michigan game will be tighter this year, I believe. I think Ohio State hammers Sparty in East Lansing.

Colin: Nationally, which teams are the best and/or worst match up should the Bucks make the playoff?

Baver: Alabama has had their fair share of problems against mobile QBs in the past, so JT Barrett could cause them some problems. On the flip side, I think Bama’s power/run game could be a problem for OSU. I’d much rather play a team that leans on an air attack over the run, as I think the Buckeye pass D is second to none. But overall, I think this Buckeye team is diverse, and when you give Meyer extra time to prepare, I think this team matches up favorably against anyone.

Colin: Give us an update on your picks to date and what games/lines will you be keeping an eye on this weekend?

Baver: Got 2 out of 3 last week to bring my stellar record on the year to 6-10; how ‘bout that? I like Ohio State 35-14, pulling away in the 2nd half. So Indiana plus the 29 is probably the wise play. Rutgers is in for their 2nd beatdown in as many games, and maybe another shutout. Take Michigan laying the 29 ½ at Rutgers. Brady Hoke has not been the answer as Oregon’s new DC, as Oregon’s D still can’t stop anybody. Washington takes a hammer to Oregon in Eugene…take the Huskies and lay the 9 there.