Big $ Guarantees Cleveland Victory Against Pats and Amin ElHassan

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So at NCP headquarters, we've faced a barrage of questions about phantom fumbles, ridiculous pass interference calls, and maddening taunt flags.

My response: We're onto New England

The time for "woe is me" attitudes and desperation died on 6/19/16 (or earlier if you're a Stipe truther like myself). Kyrie stabbed the curse straight through its black heart and left it to die on the streets of San Francisco. From here on, tough luck is just that, tough freaking luck.

Along those lines, growing pains and bumps in the road should be expected with a team this young who just had to thrust a rookie 3rd string qb in to action light years before he was ready. I'm also not altogether sure that a year of learning experiences isn't better in the long run for this team than a freak wild card appearance.

This is not the Johnny/Farmer era, it's not D.A. and a bunch of 1st round divas (sorry K Dub). Hell, it's not even the Holcomb/Green squad. This is a young, well-coached team with a purpose. The turning point is near and when it gets here , Brian Billick can kiss my a**.

So with that said, I'm going to put my $ where mouth is and GUARANTEE A BROWNS VICTORY against the mighty Pats this Sunday.

I urge other Browns fans to leave the curse deep in the rear view mirror and jump on this bandwagon. The payoff is coming and it's gonna be sweet.

.....Now to address the D-lister in the room

Mr. Amin ElHassan (@AminESPN ) continued his shade parade on the city of Cleveland, and this week even decided to take shots at me and little ole Let me remind Mr. ElHAssan, that he is a stubbed toe away from emailing the powers here at the 'Storm begging for a spot covering CSU hoops. He is not exactly an ESPN institution, nor is he particularly good at his job ( see his 2016 NBA  Eastern Conference playoff picks).

He should spend more time thanking the Good Lord, that @stugotz790 allows him to muck up his show every few weeks in the winter and less time trolling Ohioans.

With that, I say good day and Go Browns

Big $ is one half of the North Coast Posse. K-Dubs was off this week as it was his turn to host the Pencilstorm tailgate before Browns v Pats.