Need a Laugh This Weekend? Check Out the Studio 35 Comedy Film Festival

by Pencilstorm Contributor Wal Ozello

Looking for a laugh this weekend? I mean a huge, belly-laugh all weekend long? With lots of beer?  Look no further than the Studio 35 Cinema Comedy Film Festival starting Friday night at 8pm. It will be hysterical. We sat down with Festival Director, Tim Baldwin, to get the 411.

Pencilstorm: Why a comedy film festival? Why Columbus?

Tim: Well, I've been wanting to do a film festival for a while, and talking with Eric Brembeck, the owner of Studio 35, we decided to finally pull the trigger on one last year.  We went around and around with a genre, but realized that comedy works best at the theater, especially when drinking beer.  So... comedy!  Seemed like the perfect fit.

Pencilstorm: Why should I go? Is it going to make me laugh? Is there a clown? Will you amuse me?

Tim: You should go for many reasons - features and shorts from around the world that you won't see anywhere else.  On a big screen, with an audience, drinking great draft beer from our 40-tap draft line.  It will make you laugh.  Some might just make you smile (not everyone loves decapitated heads talking to each other, I did), but it's a great time.  It's also a way to support a local business, a local community.

Pencilstorm: Tell me about Studio 35. How is this venue the perfect place for a comedy film festival?

Tim: It's perfect because its a big screen, cold drinks, and good people. 

Pencilstorm: This is an International Film Festival… where did you get some of your submissions from?

Tim: We received shorts and features from Canada, England, Russia, Romania, Hungary, and my favorite film (opening night movie) is from Peru.  My favorite short was from England.  And of course, America. 

Dates… times… when should I be there?

Friday Night - April 29th
6pm Opening Night Party starts, $10 gets you the movie (my favorite movie "Just Like in the Movies" from Peru), soft drinks, and amazing food sponsored by LaTavola.  Also gets you a 10:30pm performance by the amazing #Hashtag Improv Comedy Group. 

Saturday- April 30th
4:30pm Shorts Program #1, 7pm Ohio Filmmakers Shorts Program,  9pm The feature "Dumbbells" from the USA and 11:30pm Late Night Comedy Classic SPACEBALLS, sponsored by Harpoon Brewery$5 gets you all day.

Sunday - May 1st
4pm   Feature "Billion Star Hotel" from Romania, 6pm Shorts Program #2, and 8:15 Closing night Feature "Non-Stop to Comic Con", featuring Columbus native Adam Young, who will be attendance and will do a Q&A afterwards.  Hopefully!  $5 all day.

Pencilstorm: Can we see a preview of the show?

Tim: Watch this: