Coming Soon: The Pencilstorm Hall of Fame - Colin G.

Do you know what everybody loves? A good Hall of Fame. Actually, some people hate a good Hall of Fame. Ironically, some people love a lame hall of fame, but hate a cool hall of fame. Either way, out staff at Pencilstorm couldn't help but notice that every time we hang around the "water cooler" (Natty Keg) at work, some sort of debate about some sort of Hall of Fame breaks out. 

Cheap Trick this.. Dave Concepcion that... and Ricki C... always with the Mott the Hoople. And don't get Wal started on Journey. Or Big $ about Bernie Kosar.

So after one particularly loooooong night around the "water cooler," we decided to start our own Hall of Fame. The rules are simple: It can be any person, record, place, anything or whatever makes this world cooler. Not like global warming cooler, but just cooler in the Fonz definition of the word. You know, things that make life better.

We welcome your feedback on what/who YOU  think should be nominated for the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. Our secret committee will promise to seriously consider your suggestion before totally ignoring it.