Heartache Tonight: Glenn Frey Dead at 67 - by Wal Ozello

by Pencilstorm Contributor Wal Ozello

I can't pick up an acoustic guitar and NOT play Take It Easy.  It's the first non-Beatles tune I learned. That chord change to an E minor for the start of the chorus I always thought was the bomb, and as a singer the harmonies resonate in my head throughout the whole song. 

My older brothers had introduced me to Southern California Rock via the Eagles and they were in heavy rotation in my tape player between Motley Crue and Guns N Roses. The Eagles' cool rock with laid-back style and thick harmonies was the perfect departure from the pre-grunge Appetite For Destruction or L.A. Glam Rock. 

When the Eagles broke up Don Henley got all political with his solo career, but Glenn pumped up the '80s rock with songs like Smuggler's Blues and The Heat Is On.  His solo career never ended up in my CD collection but I didn't flip the channel when he came on MTV.

The guy also had an acting career, appearing on Miami Vice and other '80s TV sitcoms. Don't blink during the movie Jerry Maguire or you'll miss him as the General Manager who renews Rod Tidwell's contract.

But Glenn's best known for his Southern California Rock. Here's a few of his best: