Hue, Sasha and Paul Buy a Moneyball Ticket. Big $ and the NCP Weigh In.....

CG- The Browns actually got the coach they wanted and Hue Jackson seems thrilled with the job. Am I dreaming? Did Hue suffer a concussion during the Bengals v Steelers game? How excited should Browns fans be with the hire?

BIG $: I think Browns fans should be incredibly excited for two reasons: I believe this shows that Haslam had a strategy in mind and he executed it. Any way you slice it, Hue had to be considered the prize of the available coaching pool. Considering that everyone up to Sam Rutigliano turned us down before Pettine was pulled off the trash heap, this was a breath of fresh air. Obviously the much maligned Sashi/Depodesta pairing was acceptable to a guy with Hue's NFL experience. To me, this gives credence to the Moneyball II, NFL boogaloo experiment. If its good enough for Hue, its good enough for me.

CG- What are your thoughts on snatching moneyball master Paul DePodesta away from the Mets? Is it worth taking a look at Jacob deGrom at QB?

1st, I'd take Snydergaard. 2nd, all analytics really is, is examining factual evidence and using said evidence to exploit market inefficiencies. Depodesta obviously has a knack for crunching statistics and molding the results into successful staffing strategies. I believe someone with talent in that arena could translate into any industry, let alone another sport. I'm excited to watch it play out.

CG- Speaking of QB, can we get anything for Johnny football in a trade? And if not, what then?

As a surprise to no one that has ever read the NCP, I believe the removal of Johnny Football will be addition by subtraction. Would a 6th rounder in return be nice? sure, but the quicker JFF is shipped out of the 216, the better

CG-  Here is a question that we will hear 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times before the NFL draft in June. Do the Browns take a QB at #2? If yes, who? If no, who plays QB next year?

Hue's strength is quarterback whispering, so I believe it would be a waste to not use a #2 pick on a guy for him to mold. Wentz (North Dakota State) piqued my interest during the FCS championship, but is too big of a risk at 2 and wont be around come the 30's.Therefore, I feel Goff and his big frame and arm fit right into Hue's wheel house. McCown and Jackson will make for excellent tutors for the youngster upon his arrival in C town. 

I'm still not sure what this strange sensation is I'm feeling. I've been told by my friends who root for other teams, that its called hope. Sure beats the hollow disgust that has been lingering since about 2005.