It's Memorial Day Weekend, Stop Staring at Screens and Ask Yourself, "What Would Mungo Jerry Do?" - by Colin G.

Ah yes, summer is here and the Memorial Day weekend weather is shaping up to be damn near perfect. Though we run a pretty tight ship here at Pencilstorm, let's face it, our hearts aren't really in it right now. We are all just sitting around the office staring out the windows counting the seconds until happy hour. So I'm making an executive decision, everybody can get out of here. Pencilstorm is closed this holiday weekend.  Go have some fun. Even you, Hassler. It's time to disconnect from the electronics and get serious about some old school Ch-Ch-Chillin'. Sure, I could sneak in a plug the new Watershed Kickstarter pre-order HERE, but I won't. 

So no updates at Pencilstorm this Holiday weekend. Turn off those computers & phones and get a little sunshine, why don't you? If you find yourself lost without your imaginary digital friends, remember WWMJD? Mungo Jerry rocked the summertime harder than anybody and he didn't even have a Myspace page. Be like Mungo. Thanks for checking out Pencilstorm and see all of you suckers next week.!

(cue beercan cracking open)