Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Nominee: Dwight Yoakam - by Colin G.

Click here for complete list of 2016 nominations for the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. Winners to be announced Thursday April 14th online at the CD1025 Big Room Bar.

Dwight Yoakam graduated from Northland High School here in Columbus, Ohio. He used to hang around School Kids records and talk to Curt Schieber. He dropped out of OSU and moved to L.A. and became one of two people in the world making cool country records in the 80's. (Steve Earle was the other.)

Flash to 2016. He is still one of the only guys making cool country records. He was and is still the coolest dude not just from Columbus, but from anywhere.  He is an amazing songwriter and an even better singer. 

And when it comes to acting, nobody plays an asshole like Dwight. I hear he performs that role often in real life. Maybe that is why he is so convincing in a movie like Sling Blade. A guy at the Grand Emporium Saloon in Kansas City once told me he once saw Dwight threaten his monitor guy with a knife over a shitty stage mix. 

Clearly, Dwight Yoakam has the skills and hometown background to be welcomed into the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. I encourage my fellow committee members to give his resume serious consideration. - Colin Gawel.

Below- A bootleg from 2014 showing why Dwight used to perform with bands like X and Husker Du.

The Pride of Northland High School.

Above- Being the coolest. Below-being a convincing asshole on screen.

"Turn my fucking monitors up, you motherfucker."