Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Nominee: Get The Knack by The Knack - Scott Carr

Click here for the complete nomination list for the 2016 Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. Winners announced April 14th at CD102 Big Room Bar.

When the idea of the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame was first hatched and the nominating committee began bouncing ideas around, Get The Knack by The Knack was the first thing that I thought of.

Released at the tail end of the 70's , Get The Knack is possibly the best power pop debut album ever released. Actually, you could say best debut album from any genre. Comparisons to The Beatles were often mentioned in early reviews of the band but The Knack felt musically they had more in common with The Kinks and early Who. Listening to Get The Knack proves the band was more in touch than their critics.

"My Sharona" still stands as one of the best singles ever released. The guitar solo in "My Sharona" is worthy of it's own nomination in the Pencilstorm Hall of's really that good.

Beyond "My Sharona" the album is loaded with great songs. I won't bore you with all the details but you can read my article I wrote about it last year on it's anniversary here..

While I respect Pencilstorm mastermind Colin G's choice of Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album being inducted this year. Paul's album has one major flaw: has anyone heard the song "Hold Me, Touch Me"?  It's a snoozefest. Get the Knack is 100% perfect start to finish. So, if we only induct one album into the hall this year it should without question be Get The Knack.

So I ask my fellow committee members to not "Nuke The Knack" and give this album some serious consideration for the 2016 class of the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame.

Listen to the "My Sharona" guitar solo in all it's glory.......

One listen to Get The Knack and you'll agree it deserves a spot in the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame....

....and lastly check out the trailer for the new movie Everybody Wants Some!

Scott Carr is a guitarist who plays in the Columbus, OH  bands Radio Tramps and Returning April. Scott is also an avid collector of vinyl records and works at Lost Weekend Records. So...if you are looking for'll either find him in a dimly lit bar playing his guitar or in a record store digging for the holy grail.