Pencilstorm Hall of Fame Nominee: Reds Opening Day at The Library Bar - by Colin G.

The latest class of the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame will announced Thursday April 14th at the CD1025 Big Room Bar. Doors at 6pm Willie Phoenix and The Soul Underground play a set of rock n roll at 8 pm. FREE!! Click here for full list of nominations.


I'm a pretty big fan of Major League Baseball in general and the Cincinnati Reds in particular. But you know something, I've never gone to a Reds opening day. I probably would have, except for me, if I can get the time free, the best place to spend opening day is at The Library Bar.

Cricket, the owner and a serious Reds fan himself, is behind the bar pouring drinks and encouraging everybody to grab a free hot dog off the grill. Some years the weather is nice and the front door is open. Other times flurries fall from the gray skies. Sometimes the Reds win, sometimes they lose, and once in a while the home plate umpire drops dead right before the first pitch and the game is cancelled. Oh well, bottoms up.

Cricket recently celebrated his 30th anniversary of owning The Library. Think about that. With all the changes that have hit campus, ONE MAN, has owned and worked at ONE BAR for THIRTY YEARS!! How about that for a small business success story.

Back in my younger years, The Library was my main hangout. I mean, don't get me wrong, I hit lots of bars, but The Library was home. When bands would come to Columbus, Watershed would always invite them to come and hang out at the Library Bar. It wasn't stuffy and it wasn't cheesy. It wasn't trying to be something it's not. It was just a bar in the Midwest with the owner behind the bar. That vibe resonated with my circle of friends.

It is still the stuff of legend the night all four members of Cheap Trick showed up and closed down the place. And just slightly less impressive, The League Bowlers played their first show there, too. Many of the old haunts are extinct. Bernie's is gone. AC/DC Cult Night is no more. And poor Larry's had it worst of all, it became The Sloppy Donkey and poetry night was never the same. I hear even Rocket From the Crypt stopped hanging out there. Ouch.

Long Live MLB Opening Day and The Library Bar. I will be there at 4 pm Monday April 4th. Please join me. I urge my committee members to approve of it's nomination to the Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. Go Reds (gulp). - Colin G.