Vengeful God or Merciful God? Tonight's Game Will Reveal the Answer - by Colin G.

Ok, I know that headline is a little over the top. But.. it's thirty minutes before tip-off of Cavs v Warriors and my guts are churning. I don't even know why I am writing this other than to burn off some nervous energy. I realize it's ridiculous to get so worked-up over something as trivial as a sporting event, but what can I say. I care. A lot. Watching Steve Kerr's pre-game interview my inner dialogue said, and I quote, "I'd like to punch him in his smug, yoga-loving f---ing face".

And I sorta like Steve Kerr. But not tonight.

When I was growing up, about the same age as Owen is now, one of our regular family vacations was to travel to Cleveland and stay at a Holidome for the weekend. We didn't do anything else mind you, just stay at the hotel. It had an indoor pool, game room and a few putt-putt holes. But it was warm inside, with lots of space to run in the winter so it was heaven. One time, Dad took me to the Cavs game at Richfield. As we walked in, a program vendor said, "Hey, do you guys want the winning program?" "Huh?"

"Yeah, we have to find some kid to shoot baskets against the local sportscaster at halftime and nobody is here, you can have it if you want. We need somebody in the contest."

So at halftime, I got to go down on the floor of Richfield, I still remember how odd the wood floor felt under my feet and how it had some dead spots. Now, I can't do much on a court, but I can shoot. So I won. I think the guy was kind of embarrassed. The 2,000 or so fans in attendance chanted, "Sign Him Now" as I left the court. Everybody in my section cheered when I came back up to the cheap seats because they won a free slice of pizza or something. I was supposed to get the use of a skybox for any event held in Richfield that year. I loved the Cavs but I wasn't going to blow a skybox on that group of losers, I was waiting for a big rock show. It didn't matter, I never got my prize. They stiffed me.

What does this have to do with tonight's game? Nothing really. But wouldn't it be nice for Ohio to get this one? The Bay Area is overflowing with titles. The 49ers, Giants, A's, and the Raiders have ALL had glorious runs in my lifetime. And The Warriors won just last year.

Oh, merciful God, can't you just throw a little bone Cleveland's way tonight? What will it really matter in the long term? Why even bother to create Lebron if not for this moment?

Enough of my questions. All will be revealed in three hours. Tip-off is in 5 minutes. Getting off my knees now. - Colin G.