Archives: I Cried When Lebron Left, Predicted His Return, and Wrote His Speech. by Colin Gawel

It's only 68 minutes until tip off of the Cavs v Warriors round 3. My son Owen is shooting hoops in the driveway wearing a Kyrie shirt under a Lebron jersey while listening to Ice Cube. I'm typing this. Please excuse typos and bad headline. My mind is elsewhere. But...

If you want a timely article story about the 2017 Finals I strongly suggest Pencilstorm's own NBA beat writer Ben Galli and his preview by clicking here. 

For a fun blast from the past please enjoy:

Ok, I'll admit it, I cried when Lebron left Cleveland, and what's worse, I did It in front of my six year old son.  by Colin Gawel

LeBron James is returning to Cleveland !! Hate to Say I Told you So. by Colin Gawel

I Went Ahead and Wrote LeBron's return speech for him. by Colin Gawel

That is all. Go Cavs! - Colin G.