NCP Draft Preview: Big $ Attacks His TV if the Browns take Deshaun Watson

Did you know that Pencilstorm's own North Coast Posse are considered a top five twitter follow by the actual Cleveland Browns? Well they are. Follow their draft coverage @northcoastposse . I recently met up with Big $ at the India Oak bar to get his thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft. - Colin Gawel

CG) Let's address the elephant in the room. Are there any quarterbacks in this draft that can be the next Bernie Kosar and if yes, how will the Browns land him? 

 Big $: My initial thought was a definitive no, then my phone kept autocorrecting Kosar to "Kizer" and I thought it may be a sign. Then I thought about D. Kizer's questionable mechanics and Ohio ties and how they are both Kosar -esque. Then I escaped the daydream and recalled the several N.D. games I witnessed and how there is very little chance Deshone Kizer is going to succeed in the NFL. Shooting for Bernie II may be a stretch, I'll take a freaking Eric Zeier at this point.

CG) Is Garrett the next JJ Watt or the next Courtney Brown?

 Big $: The player I most align Garrett with is Jadaveon Clowney. The one thing that separates Myles from Clowney is that he put up 10 more reps of 225 at the combine than the former Gamecock. Not only is this a plus as it relates to strength, it shows that he is ahead in dedication category as well. I have a hard time believing the ultra grizzled Gregg Williams is not going to demand the Aggie phenom at #1.

CG) What players and needs would you like to see addressed?

Big$: Real talk, there is not one position I think is a legit strength on the Browns at this time. They need to ensure that they get solid contributors across the board in at least the first 4 rounds

CG) What pick would make you throw something at the TV, hold your head in your hands and scream, "Oh my God, Nooooo"

Big $: I will literally attack my t.v, if I hear that the name  "Deshaun Watson" is coming to Cleveland. The dude has a historically low exit velocity. With the tight Windows and super heroes playing defense in the NFL coupled with the lack of anticipation needed to run the Clemson spread, he is a disaster waiting to happen.

CG) Vegas has started betting on the NFL draft. Seems like a blatant attempt to bring Browns fans to Vegas once a year since they don't make the Super Bowl junket. Does betting on the draft hold any interest for the North Coast Posse? 

 I would love, love, love to hunker down at a Vegas sportsbook and bet on picks all weekend. Who will have more first picks, Big10 or Pac12? Christian Mcaffrey pick over/under (8.5) etc etc etc. I'm salivating just thinking about how awesome this would be.

CG) If not in Vegas, where are you guys watching the draft and what will you be drinking?

Big $: Im waiting on an invite to the Trubisky party, but as a native west sider, I expect I'll get the cold shoulder from the Mentor crew. Thus, I'll probably crack some 4 string brews and kick back in my living room.

Big$ and K-Dubs the Soldier are the North Coast Posse. Browns beat writers for Pencilstorm.