Ben Galli Hosts an Un-Edited Kyrie E-Mail Thread

I'll get us started...

Ben Galli:  This upset and blindsided me.  The hardest part is coming to terms with this being who Kyrie is.  I'm not one of those, "well the greats back in my day..." guys but this seems very immature, selfish, and short-sighted.  I can think of players considered superstars exhibiting this type of behavior but no one really considered a great.

I guess Irving didn't think the news would go public but if the reports are true about LeBron's camp releasing it, (classic LBJ passive-aggressiveness), it just makes things worse.  The team's two best players want to throw down and Kevin Love is mocking it all on social media.

James Baumann: This story won't go away for 2 reasons. One is ESPN's desire to broadcast prima donna soap operas 24 hours a day and this fits them to a T. 

The second is that this actually has basketball ramifications. I don't know where kyrie realistically goes that either makes them locks for the East and definitely not to beat Golden State. At the same time, i can't think of who the Cavs could get that would push them past GS. 

The Cavs may get building pieces, but NBA playoff games generally come down to who has the best players -- best Plan B, Plan C, etc -- on the court in the 4th quarter. And Kyrie leaving does not help that in the least.

Colin Gawel:  I'm just really surprised by the whole situation. I just assumed Kyrie was thinking "I can't believe how lucky I am to play along side Lebron James. This is so fun." Instead he felt like he wasn't getting his due. I've lost all respect for him. Plus, when we were on good terms, I turned a blind eye to some of Kyrie's faults. Now that the gloves are off, it all adds up, he is a selfish player and a selfish person. He is just another spoiled AAU punk who was hiding behind a winning franchise. I know I come from a different generation, but playing with one of the greats isn't a bad gig. I recently saw Tom Petty and thought the same thing of his band. Does Tom Campbell always get the spotlight he deserves? Maybe not, but he plays sold out arenas every night and is part of a great band. I wonder if he ever looks across the stage and thinks, "I'm just as good as Tom. Why do they cheer him so much? I've got to get out from his shadow so I can solo more". No, Tom Campbell doesn't think that because he isn't an idiot. 

* Since I just called Mike Campbell "Tom" I guess Kyrie has a point. 

Brian Phillips : Doesn't Kyrie believe the earth is flat? He's a dope. He'll end up in Sacramento where he can fulfill his dream of being "The King Of Kings." 

Big $ from the North Coast Posse: Kyrie provided me with the happiest 5 seconds of my life (I know I could of prefaced this with "besides my wedding/kids births etc, but I didn't sue me) so regardless of where he ends up, and how he gets there, he will hold a special spot in my heart. It's also important to remember that only a few short summers ago, Kyrie made a commitment to stay in Cleveland and be the man and the organization was ready to honor that commitment. Next thing he knows this demigod who walked out on Cleveland, comes waltzing back through the door and wam bam kyrie is a distant 2nd fiddle. To make it worse he's a second fiddle to a fella that is no stranger to reprimanding him in public. The ring is nice, but it may not be enough to fully cleanse your palette of being "sonned" publicly. I'm not all together sure that Kyrie can put a team on his back for a season, but I do believe he has mad star power and charisma and is probably sick of losing regional shoe sales to his "Chet from weird science" esque basketball big bro.
      With all that said, I'm also ready for a little shake up in Cavs land. Lbj thrives off new challenges and proving KI dead wrong may be all he needs to turn it to 11 this season. I am also head over heels for Josh Jackson and feel that Bledsoe/Rose is superior to lrving/Deron Williams. Let Lbj call in one of the 8000 favors (new Suns front office exec.) James Jones owes him and make that trade happen. I'll have the popcorn ready.

Ben Galli:  The media aspect is interesting.  Nowadays with social media, posts and 'likes' and actions at weddings are analyzed non stop while players use the media to make their passive aggressive power plays.  Now a "Source" says LeBron has been actively shopping Kyrie for the last 4 months.   It's hard to know what to believe and it's probably just best to stay away from the drama and pettiness of it all.  Or maybe drama, pettiness, and over-analyzation on social media is the theme of 2017.  And we wonder why LaVar Ball continues to get attention. 

The rumored Bledsoe and Josh Jackson deal probably works best for Cleveland's future.  Another much bandied about trade would bring Bledsoe and Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland with Kyrie going to New York.  That would work best for the Cavs' chances this year, which increasingly seems like LBJ's last there.  This prospect seems less and less likely as more reports are coming out saying Melo really wants to go to Houston, one going as far as to say he's threatened to block a Kyrie to New York deal.  

And if LeBron leaves, Kyrie would have Cleveland to himself, no?  Which begs another question, does anyone want to play in Cleveland? 

James Baumann: I would not be surprised to see the Cavs still finish 1 or 2 in the East even with a Kyrie trade - but who knows with the moves the Celtics and others made. But to do so would (most likely) burn out James by playoff time and definitely finals time. But, by then, the NBA and TNT and ESPN may change the rules so there are 5 days off in between all finals games.  

Colin Gawel: Despite my harsh words, I was prepared to keep a fond view of Kyrie for the reasons Big $ mentioned. He helped get the title and it's pretty much all gravy after that. But I have to admit, seeing him ham it up at Lebron's expense with arch rival Steph Curry turned my stomach. Steph is right to mock Cleveland and Lebron. We are enemies. But geez Kyrie, that dude just beat YOU less than six weeks ago and you cheer him on as he clowns a team mate? I don't care if it was Lebron or Channing Frye,  where is your pride?  Be like watching Eddie George cheer on Charles Woodson goofing on Terry Glenn as at Christmas party in 1995. Bad look Kyrie. 

Having said all that, if we don't get value - DO NOT TRADE HIM. He signed the deal. We can move him or sit him or whatever, but we need to get something in return. 

OK....what trade ideas are floating around?

James Baumann: The trade challenge is do you try to make a 1-1 type trade that has instant results or do you make a 1-3 (or picks) that is more of the long game. And, of course, that is entirely about whether you think James is coming back. 

Whoa! Just had a thought. James convinces the Cavs to trade Kyrie to the Lakers for Ball and a pick or something. Then, next year, James takes his free agent talents TO THE LAKERS ALSO!!!!! James and

Colin G: That's a good thought. My idea was Lebron calls Porzingis and has him tell the Knicks there is no chance he will ever re-sign in NYC. Make the deal with the Cavs or lose me for nothing.

Ben Galli:  Funny you mention the psyche out cause The Ringer and Bill Simmons are saying the exact same thing (LeBron and Kyrie play for the Lakers next year and this is all carefully staged).

I really think Kyrie is jealous of LeBron and James never saw it coming that he embarrassed Uncle Drew.  I think the rift is real but I also think there's a chance that if the right deal isn't offered, in a couple weeks we'll hear of a heart to heart (father-son?) talk where they decided to let bygones be bygones, put out a music video (wedding theme?), and lead the Cavs back to the Finals.  I think they're holding out for Melo and I think that's Kyrie's preferred destination (he's from New Jersey).  Getting Josh Jackson would be nice but what impact can he make in the Finals as a rookie?

Big $: I really think that a multi team deal that yields Melo and Bledsoe is going to happen, regardless of the rumors suggesting otherwise

James Baumann: Oh crud. I normally do read the Ringer, but hadn't seen that. Don't want people to think I'm plagiarizing. 

I still believe the whole LeBron goes to Miami / Cavs stock up #1 picks / he comes back was a long con. I don't know if dummy Dan Gilbert knew about it, but I still think it was real