Do the Browns Resemble a Benny Hill Skit? The NCP go to London to Investigate.

London Calling for the North Coast Posse

Colin: I think it's awesome you guys shipped the NCP Browns Party Gremlin across the Atlantic Ocean so you could tailgate properly.  Seeing other sights while you are in London?

Big$: Full disclosure, K-dubs and I are in negotiations to get a half hour (or halfe houre as they say across the pond) show on the BBC titled "Pencil Storm Gremlin Talk." Some suits at the network are concerned that some of our anti-Beatle rants from the past may surface and derail it, so we're here smoothing things over. It's a coincidence that the Browns are also playing.

Colin: Not to put a damper on your roadtrip across the pond but.... Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Deshaun Watson are all tearing up the NFL while Kenny Britt is taking Deshone Kizer out to tear up the bars. Meanwhile the Browns were already the worst team in the league before losing their All Pro tackle / ironman Joe Thomas. I think I ask this question every year, but is right now, the lowest point in Browns history? 

K-Dubs, the Soldier: Yes.  This is the lowest point I can remember.  It is disappointing to now think of 3-13 seasons as halcyon days.  

Big$:  I think expectations play heavily into the depth of certain situations. I had next to no hope for this team going into the season, so it's hard to feel real low about where they are at. Plus, I think there are some pieces in defense that may be bright spots. For me, watching grown men parade around in Manziel jerseys, convincing themselves that he had an inkling of NFL talent will always be the low point.

Colin: The NFL is trying to create excitement in England, are the Browns the right team to be showcasing American football to a bunch of futball hooligans?

Big$:   The Browns offense quite often resembles a Benny Hill skit, so this may be just what the Dr. ordered for NFL/England relations.

Colin: Do you see anything positive on the field?

K-Dubs, the Soldier:   I am still liking the defense.  A lot of media attention has focused on how rookie safety Jabrill Peppers plays excessively deep, but these commentators are missing out on how well the rest of the defensive back field is playing.  Jason McCourty is rated as one of the top cornerbacks in the league, and Briean Boddy-Calhoun and Derrick Kindred are becoming fan favorites.  Linebackers Kirksey and Schobert are having good seasons, too.  We just need Miles Garrett to stay on the field so we can ratchet up pressure on the quarterback.  On the offensive side, positivity is harder to find.  Part of the problem is that Hue Jackson has to give up play-calling duties.  He continues to baffle with deep throws on 3rd-and-short situations and failing to get the electrifying Duke Johnson any more than 7 touches per game.  He and his staff have also failed to curtail the penalties that have killed offensive momentum on countless possessions (notice I didn’t say drives).  I still have faith in the development of Kizer but Hue has got to stick with him for better or worse, in good times and bad, until Jimmy do them part.

Big$:  I referenced some defensive pieces earlier and I'll cite Carl Nassib specifically. His emergence is especially interesting as I have grave concerns about Garrett's commitment and durability. Not to incite the PC police, but self-reporting concussion symptoms on Tuesday doesn't scream "football guy to build on" to me.

Colin: October is usually the time Browns fans start thinking about the upcoming NFL Draft. Any hope on the horizon?

Big$:   It's obvious that the lingering QB issue is still a question. At this point, I think Darnold goes back to USC and Josh Allen (Wyoming) seems to be a fraud. Rosen (UCLA) looks like the real deal, but I'm not sure the brash outspoken Cali kid model would fit in the 216. Therefore, I'm for drafting Barkley and trading for or signing an under the radar QB already in the league.

Colin: Will Hue survive the Browns and if not who would possibly want this job?

Big$:   I think Jimmy will stick it out with the Baseball bunch and Hue for another year because of A.) Rich dude Pride and B.) Ain't no one taking this job. I myself, would’ve fired everybody already. The culture is so toxic at 1-23 that I'm not sure that any leadership position can be salvaged.

K-Dubs, the Soldier:   I agree Hue keeps his job, but only because Jimmy has blown his coaching staff up so many times in the past and the changes have yet to bear fruit.  In the immortal words of Great White, “Once bitten, twice shy.”  (editor's note: Hey, that's the immortal words of Ian Hunter, Dubs.)  There has got to be a change in the front office, though.  

Colin: Who would Lebron start for this week?

Big$:  I'm starting Lebron at head coach, Hue needs a break.

K-Dubs, the Soldier:   GM Sashi Brown.  LeBron brought Derrick Rose and D-Wade to town.  Sashi did not even rate Wentz in his top 15 quarterbacks of last year’s draft, essentially spent $12 million for a second-round pick in the trade for Brock Osweiler, who he then cut and received nothing in return, passed on Deshaun Watson in this year’s draft, signed Kenny Britt, and has forgotten that you need at least a few quality veterans on your team to win.   

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