Moonbats Pay Trippy Tribute to '60s Era Kinks - by Anne Marie


Expectations were running high Friday night as Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza and Live Music filled to SRO and bartenders Jeremey + Jeremey shimmied to the '60s tunes that blasted from the bar speakers. But more than a handful of folks sported Moonbats t-shirts and only one dude wore a Kinks shirt. Hmmm. Table seating for this show sold out the same day it posted on the Natalie’s calendar which I’d never seen happen before, but now that I was here, I could tell this was due in large part to Mitch (in Moonbats t-shirt) and his party of thirty (30!!!) there to celebrate his 70th birthday. Women in floral high heel boots stood shoulder to shoulder with a group of young-at-heart septuagenarians, one of whom a bit tipsily confided to me that they had met Mitch and first seen The Moonbats play when they were here from Florida a few months back and had now ventured north on a special adventure to see the band play again and celebrate with Mitch.

Ricki C's cousin Robbie C.

Ricki C's cousin Robbie C.

You could tell the crowd was primed for a good time when the brief sound check received a raucous reception. Sixties cover band The Moonbats’ first ever Kinks show opened with You Really Got Me and went straight into Tired of Waiting for You.  I know they played Dedicated Follower of Fashion and I think it was next followed by Waterloo Sunset.  I was distracted around that time noticing that one of the servers was a Ricki C. doppelgänger and attempting (fairly unsuccessfully) to snap of photo of him for proof. Colin showed up in time for All Day & All of the Night, followed by Sunny Afternoon, Victoria (best Kinks song of the night for me), then ?? (uh-oh, I was either still jumping around from Victoria or ordering another drink here), David Watts and Lola as the big finale to the first set. I stayed for about five songs into the second set - none of which were Kinks songs - and the best of which, by far, was The Moonbats covering The Doors.  I’d definitely go see The Moonbats again: and if they ever do another Kinks tribute, I’d encourage them to go a bit deeper and pull Kinks songs for the second set as well.  Some Mother’s Son (I love my protest songs), Destroyer, Superman, Father Christmas, Set Me Free… I'm sure you all have your favorites.

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