North Coast Posse and the Browns March on Baltimore

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Q:  All things considered, not a bad way to start the season. What did you think about Kizer's debut and the rest of the offense?

Big$: I'm sure he would love to have the interception back, and he definitely held on to the ball a bit too long on occasion, but a lil film study will iron those wrinkles. Outside of that he showed off an NFL ready cannon and was putting the ball on the money. Plus, he looked like the statuesque AFC north behemoth QB behind center. I think Hue is all in on him which is key, if he can mitigate the hits he was taking (not playing a bunch of degenerate yinzers will help) it should be a fun year.

K-Dubs, the Soldier:  Despite Kizer’s promise, if this offense is going to click, it needs to get the running game going.  Isaiah Crowell had just 33 yards in the opener, averaging less than 2 yards per carry, and the team had just 57 yards total.  The game only gets harder when Kenny Britt, the purported replacement for Terrelle Pryor, is dropping passes, like he did on a key third down last week.  Rookie David Njoku did snag a couple passes, and fellow tight end Seth DeValve emerged as trusted target for Kizer, but the receiving core really needs to step up and aid in Kizer’s development.  

Q:  Thoughts on the D holding the Steelers to 14 points?

K-Dubs, the Soldier:  I hate to play the “yeah, but” game, but if not for truly scrumtrulescent Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh was doing nothing on offense.  If you take away his numbers, the Steelers had just 81 yards passing.  And Le’Veon Bell was a nonfactor.  The D also held tough on a couple of key short-yard situations and picked off Big Ben on the goal line.  I truly believe this is the beginning of a defense that will get Browns fans barking again.
Big$:  My thoughts can be summed up in 2 words: Carl Nassib. Dude gets after it, I'm expecting more improvement from him over the next couple of weeks and then the big 9 and 1/2 sack game against the Bungles.

Q:  Vegas still isn't impressed. Browns were 9 point dogs last week and now 8 points against the Ravens? Do they cover? Could they win?

Big$:  Several times a year I sit in wonder at just how accurate the odds-makers out west are. The 8 point spread is about right especially if you're looking to lure the easily excitable Browns faithful into laying their mortgage on the Brown and Orange. With that said, anybody know a bookie????

K-Dubs, the Soldier: Take the points.  The Ravens defense forced 5 turnovers and registered 5 sacks in a 20-0 shutout of the hapless Bengals in the opener, and they will be taking on a rookie QB in Kizer.  No doubt, the offense will have some tough sledding on Sunday.  Baltimore’s offense, though, gained just 268 total yards, with only 111 yards in the air.  If the Browns could play the Steelers offense as strong as they did last week, I like their chances of bottling up a Ravens team that has Cleveland-reject Terrance West as its featured back.   

Q: Final question: Who is going to be missed more this season Terrelle Pryor or Kyrie Irving?

Big$:  Oh man, this rips me to the core. I can't imagine how beneficial TP would’ve been to Kizer's development, but he is outta site outta mind in "R word" football purgatory. Kyrie, on the other hand, will be in our face on the regular as a member of our closest conference rival. Therefore, the reluctant answer I must give is Uncle Drew.