Pencilstorm Writers Take the Stage in April

Spring is here and various Pencilstorm writers are crawling out of their winter hibernation caves, intent on prowling rock & roll stages around town.......

Ricki C. will be playing the Midgard Comics Reunion gig at the CD 102.5 Big Room Bar (1036 South Front Street / 614-449-9612) this Friday, April 7th, 2017.  For the uninitiated, in it's 2001-2004 heyday, Midgard Comics was Columbus' greatest all-ages, teen-catering music venue since the pre-historical rock & roll epoch of mid-to-late 1960's teen clubs.  (You can read all about it here - I Miss Midgard Comics - in Ricki's former blog, Growing Old With Rock & Roll.)

The superlative Mr. Keith Cousineau - former owner of Midgard and Keith Cretin to you - put this bash together.  Doors are at 7 pm, music starts around 8, goes to midnight or thereabouts, $5 admission.  Ricki's probably opening, and the other acts on the bill are Joey74, Robots Revenge, godawfuls, and Mummula.  As Ricki always (sometimes) sez, "Whattya got better to do on a Friday night: go out and see some rock & roll, or stay home and watch Blue Bloods?"  

Ricki C. belts out some Lou Reed tunes at last month's Corona Covers For a Cure Benefit at the CD 102.5 Big Room Bar, in a t-shirt he bought at a Reed show in 1989, making it chronologically OLDER than the bartender on duty that evening. 

Meanwhile, North Coast Posse stalwhart Patrick "Big $" Baracus will be fronting the fine, fine, superfine Bava Choco, at the Rumba Cafe (2507 Summitt Street / 614-268-1841), the following Friday, April 14th.  Bava Choco will be opening for Bush League All Stars on that Happy Hour show.  Doors 6 pm, Bava Choco (following on the heels of their mighty Death Ride release) will play at 6:30 pm.  (More on this show next week.)