BIG $'s Last Look at the QB's, Darnold's a Bum, Baker's a Brat and.....

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So enough with the smokescreens, trade buzz etc. etc. etc, the Browns have exhausted all the cutesy moves in their arsenal to avoid going all in on a QB via the draft. The "We"ll rely on this veteran to coach up a 3rd rounder," the "We'll show everyone and find the diamond in the rough on the 2nd or 3rd day," and my personal favorite, "We traded back into the first for the guy everyone else is passing on," are all tactics which have contributed to this unprecedented run of SUCK. They must take a QB first no matter how many crazy scenarios are presented. So without further adieu here are my thoughts on the QB's in question, presented in no particular order:

Sam Darnold, USC: I've decided to skip the pleasantries and just dive into the player I'm most passionate about. No player has grinded my gears this much since we were watching tape of Johnny Football holding a stack of cash to his ear. At least with Johnny FB, however, I saw some fire and grit, while ole Sam just strikes me as unaffected. In the two full games I watched him play this year (ND and OSU), I saw zero signs of strong leadership, as his head seemed elsewhere as his team got stomped. There is no doubt he is an athlete with a strong frame, but his decision-making is questionable and his mechanics are a mess (see Deshone Kizer). Sam's legacy was cemented by torching the Penn State secondary in January 2017. If this is worthy of a franchise-defining pick, Joseph Thomas Barrett IV should be considered.  (I actually threw up a little in my mouth while typing that.) With all this said, I'm 99% sure he is the pick. God help us all.

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma: So I just referenced being a fan of "fiery grit," and I'm certain it's gonna take a firecracker of a MF-er to lead the Browns out of this quagmire and affect culture change. Baker Mayfield fits the bill, as he's a dude that will not go down without a helluva fight (see police video). However, it's the same police video that concerns me. It is hard to succeed in a team or organizational setting when you suffer from an authority problem. Baker ain't big on taking orders. I mean, the cops that evening were not even looking for Baker, but he had to open his big mouth. If this was an isolated incident it could be forgiven, but petulance has long been a theme in Baker's world. Number one picks are big-time investments and making that type of investment in someone with a track record of not facing consequences due to his brat-tiness is questionable at best. I would steer clear of Baker if I was Dorsey, but if he is the pick, I hope he steers clear of the 9, Floyd Mayweather, and Vegas.

Josh Rosen, UCLA: Full Disclosure, I feel Josh Rosen is the most NFL-ready player in this draft. His tape is eye-popping and his pocket presence is top notch. I just think the concerns about bringing the shiny, West coast gunslinger to Cleveland will end up in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Eventually his low scores on the "Gets us" meter would eat the relationship alive, and both Rosen and the Browns will suffer. Josh I promise, it's not you, it's us. Best of luck, pal.

Lamar Jackson, Louisville: Not really a viable top 5 choice, but if some God-forsaken trade-down does occur I could live with him. 1-31 has not been interesting and/or fun. Lamar Jackson would be both.

Last but not least.....

Josh Allen, Wyoming: Yep, this is my guy: Huge hands...Check; Huge Wonderlic score...Check; Huge Arm...CHECK. I've head the complaints about his accuracy, but football nerds have put a big-time warning sticker on confusing NCAA completion percentage and true accuracy. Josh Allen gets the the ball put where it needs to be with mustard. He is composed in the pocket and in front of the mic, and I'm fully convinced I'm going to watch him succeed elsewhere. Mr. Dorsey, I'm sure you're reading this: Do the right thing and bring Josh to the 216.

So that's my thoughts. Enjoy the draft everyone.  -  Big $

Who would you trust your franchise to??? #eyeballtest

Who would you trust your franchise to??? #eyeballtest