My KISS Record - by David Martin

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My KISS Record - by David Martin

Side One

King of the Mountain (Round No. 3)

Heaven's on Fire (2)

Betrayed (7)

When Your Walls Come Down (9)

Gimme More (8)

God Gave Rock and Roll To You II (5) 


Side Two

Lick It Up (1)

Under The Gun (4)

Trial by Fire (6) 

Bang Bang You (12)

Radar for Love (10)

You Love Me To Hate You (11) 



I was pleased "Lick It Up" was available with the sixth pick. Kiss lyrics are generally terrible, but "Don't want to wait till you know me better" is a great opening line. I should have taken "Tears Are Falling" with my next pick. My Gene songs are generic: "Trial by Fire" is a toe-tapper, but "Betrayed" is pretty forgettable.

I like the history of "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" more than I like the actual song. One of the flaws with my album is that "God Gave" is the only song from "Revenge" that I drafted. 

We were 15 years old when "Animalize" was released, so we may not have fully comprehended the line in "Under the Gun" about hitting the highway doing 69. I remember Joe Oestreich joking that he used to listen to the song and think, "Sixty-nine? That's not that fast."

"Bang Bang You" was the worst song on the worst set list Kiss ever took on tour.